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Buy-Sell Agreement Funding

Ensure your business will survive you. When you die, what will happen to your business? Will your partners work to keep it afloat? Will they absorb your profits?

At Barker, Beck, Collins & Kronauge Agency, our buy-sell agreement funding can help keep your business afloat and your partners flush with profits. With most buy-sell agreements, the surviving partners are required to buy your shares and retain control. Buy-sell insurance, then, works to provide the means of making that happen. There are two basic types of buy-sell agreements:

Cross-purchase agreements

The family of the deceased owner will have a tax basis equal to the fair market value of the decedent’s stock at the date of death, thus avoiding any income tax consequences as a result of the sale.

Stock redemption agreements

The corporation owns policies on the lives of the shareholders. When a shareholder dies, the corporation buys the deceased shareholder’s interest in the company with the insurance proceeds.

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