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Be Safe! Great Tips for Driving in Extreme Weather

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Most of us understand the importance of preparing our vehicles for winter ̶ making sure tires are in good shape, wipers are good, brakes properly serviced and snow scraper in the car. We diligently address the mechanics in anticipation of expected winter extremes.  But it’s just as important to prepare ourselves for winter driving. We … More

Frozen Pipes? First Aid Remedies and Prevention Measures

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Winter has only been underway for a month, and there has been plenty of cold weather already, enough to freeze pipes, causing costly water damage at your home or business.  If you suspect you have a frozen pipe, call a qualified plumber immediately.  An indication might be if you’ve turned on the faucet, but no … More

Auto Insurance 101: Factors that Can Affect Your Premium

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When purchasing auto insurance, there are a number of points to consider. It is the most frequently purchased type of personal insurance.  In Ohio, everyone is required to comply with the state’s financial responsibility law.  This law requires drivers to show that they can pay for injuries to other people or damages to other people’s … More

Do You Know How to Stay Safe on Icy Roadways?

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This January has been bitterly cold so far with temperatures dipping into negative digits.  Snow and ice on the roads have been difficult to manage with such low temperatures.  It would be ideal if you could stay indoors until the critical weather passed, but sometimes you just have to get out.  The key is staying … More

And The Winner Is …

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Congratulations to Jesse Osborne, the winner of our Facebook Christmas Lights Photo Contest. He won with 35 votes for a picture of the City of Fairborn’s annual Christmas tree. The night photo with falling snow made for a nice effect. Enjoy your prize, a $50.00 Visa gift card! Be sure to like us on Facebook, … More

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